High-resolution and broad-band spectroscopy and frequency stabilized lasers

The spectral region from the near to midium infrared is of great interest from the spectroscopic point of view due to the presence of strong absorption features associated with the fundamental rotovibrational and the first overtones of several organic and inorganic molecular species. The availability of optical sources with high spectral purity and broad emission bandwith in the spectral region from 1 to 10 µm allows to perform spectroscopic measurements with high-sensitivity and high-precision levels.
The main applications are therefore targeted to precision molecular spectroscopy, LIDAR systems, 
precision electromagnetic measurements, and optical frequency metrology. For this purpose, the most modern and sophisticated spectroscopic techniques  are commonly used to control and measure the optical frequencies.

In particular, the main activities are focused on:
  • Broad-band direct-frequency-comb spectroscopy
  • Precision molecular spectroscpy assisted by optical frequency combs
  • Optical frequency standards and frequency metrology
  • Broad-band THz spectroscopy