Novel near- and mid-infrared solid-state laser systems

High-spectral purity solid-state oscillators and amplifiers are fundamental tools to deeply understand the interaction of radiation with matter. They find natural applications in various scientific fields such as condensed matter physics, biomedicine, environmental monitoring, microscopy, telecommunications, and precision measurements. 
The main scientific goal of this activity is the development of near- and midium-infrared optical sources (0.8 to 20 µm) with the highest spectral purity, wide emission wavelength tunability, and in the case of pulsed sources broad emission bandwidth and femtosecond pulse generation (1 fs=10-15 s). For this purpose, the most sophisticated techniques for the active stabilization of the laser frequency, phase, and intensity are adopted. 

In particular, the main activities are focused on:
  • Ultra-wide bandwidth solid-state lasers and amplifiers based on divalent transition metal ions (Ti and Cr) and laser trivalent rare earth ions (Yb, Er, Tm, and Ho) 
  • Near-IR and mid-IR fiber lasers and amplifiers based trivalent rare earth ions (Yb, Er, Tm, Ho, Dy)
  • Optical Frequency Comb Synthezisers based on mode-locked femtosecond lasers and high-efficiency fiber amplifiers