Quantum Optics and Non Linear Parametric processes

Parametric down-conversion (PDC) of ultrashort laser pulses leads to a strong space-time coupling. By studying the quantum and coherence properties of this coupling and using the paradigm of conical waves and diagnostic tools based on scientific CCD cameras, it is possible to highlight new unexpected features of this nonlinear process.

Spatiotemporal correlation of twin beams

The research activity on Chi(2) parametric processes is based on the study and characterization of the skewed (not factorable) spatiotemporal coherence properties of the radiation generated both in the regime of vacuum field amplification, and in Optical Parametric Amplification, with the generation of particular coherent conical (X-type) wave packets. Presently the research concerns the quantitative characterization of the spatiotemporal structure of the entanglement in various regimes (high gain and single photon) and different types of phase-matching PDC, with the goal of an experimental verification of the X-shaped biphoton amplitude (second order signal/idler cross-correlation function in the near field). The predicted non-factorability of the state will open the relevant possibility of tailoring the temporal bandwidth of one photon by a conditional measurement in the spatial domain or, viceversa, of tailoring the spatial bandwidth by conditional measurements in the temporal domain.