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Cristian Manzoni

phone:  +39.02.2399.6184
fax: +39.02.2399.6126
address: piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, 20133 Milano, Italy

Position: Researcher
Cristian Manzoni was born in Alzano Lombardo (Bergamo). In 2002 he got his degree in Electronic Engineering from Politecnico di Milano; in 2003-2006 he attended the PhD school in Physics at the Physics department of politecnico di Milano. In 2009-2010 he was visiting scientist at the Max Planck research group for structural dynamics (CFEL, Desy, Hamburg).
Since 2010 he is reseacher at CNR. His main research activity focuses on  nonlinear optics for the generation of ultrashort light pulses in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectral range. The research also involves the characterization of light pulses and their manipulation by suitable pulse shapers, for applications in time-resolved spectroscopy of organic and inorganic systems, and for the study of femtochemical reactions. Spectroscopic characterizations involve Pump-probe, 2D spectroscopy and Raman-indced processes.