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ARTIS Laboratory

Scientsits in the ARTIS Laboratory come from both IFN-CNR and the Departiment of Physics of the Politecnico di Milano; the group is coordinated by Prof. Gianluca Valentini.

The rearch group has over a decade of experience in international research and applications of advanced imaging and spectroscopy for the analysis of cultural heritage. Research focusses on the development of new methods and instrumentation for the non-destructive analysis of cultural heritage and cultural heritage materials using portable devices. These include fluorescence imaging, fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM), fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy.

Published highlights of recent work include:

The Research group Prof. Gianluca Valentini, Dr. Daniela Comelli, Dr. Austin Nevin, Anna Cesaratto, Prof. Rinaldo Cubeddu and Prof. Abdelrazek Elnaggar (University of Fayoum) on a visit to the Grand Egyptian Museum Centre for Conservation (GEM-CC) in 2012.

Artis Group Publications